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Vote Sakamichi no Apollon for Best Soundtrack! Voting ends soon! OST link

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what do people do if they’re not obsessed with anything

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It is your wedding day, you have waited for this moment all of your life. 

The ceremony begins, and  as you watch your bride-to-be begin her walk down the isle, the music begins…


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The girl who fell from the sky - Laputa

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This is your first one. Maybe a half mask instead?

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animepleasurexo said: Wow hey!! Just sending you a message to remind you that you're incredibly appreciated on my dash and you have a lovely blog!! <3

<3<3<3 ahhhh thank you this means a lot from you because I LOVE YOUR BLOG SO MUCH TOO, you’re very great, please be my pal!

Howl + Dark hair

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Makoto Tachibana (Ep. 4)

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